The Dominick Family

Family from Machtolsheim. Emigrated 1752/53.

Son of a mercenary soldier: Andreas Dominick md. 22 Apr. 1752 Barbara Reyler before emigration. [The Wuerttemberg Emigration (The Adolf Gerber Lists)]. They had a dau., Walpurga, and a dau. who md. Andrew Hallman, Jr. Settled on Crim's Creek. [Lee Gandee]

Andrew Dominy/Damey came on the Caledonia. Wife Barbara. [CJ 1752/53] [Plat 4 Nov. 1753]. In Saxegotha. [See family in Richland County, S.C. below.]

John/Johannes Domine/Dominick came on the Caledonia with a wife and a child Michael age 8. 150 acres 11 Jan. 1753, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:495]. 200 acres 14 May 1772 between Crims and Camping Creek. [Plat 14:42 or 420].

The children of Andrew Hallman, Jr.

            John Hallman

            Margaret Hallman md. John Enlow

            Susannah Hallman md. Arnet Hutchinson

            Mary Hallman md. Michael Bedenbaugh

            Elizabeth Hallman md. Samuel Kinard

            Catherine Hallman md. (1) John Minnick (2) Daniel Minnick

[Note: I'm not sure of the source of this information. It may or may not be correct.]

Newberry Co. and Lexington Co., S.C.

John Dominick, Sr. d. by 1796 md. ____________ md. then by 1784 Elizabeth Eigelberger d. 26 Feb. 1807, widow of Peter Rikard. Children: [Believe this John Dominick was the one of the original grant of 1752. Believe he was the same person with the 200 acres in 1772 Revolutionary service Bounty Grant. See deeds below.]

I.          John Dominick (by 1st wife)

II.         _____________ md. Henry Summers

III.       _____________ md. Andrew Halman/Holman

IV.       _____________ md. William or Andrew Fulmer

V.        Michael Rikard, Jr. (only child of Peter Rikard & Elizabeth Eigleberger) b. 1763 d. 2 May 1846. Md. to Eva ___________ as late as 1796. Md. then Ann Margaret Eigleberger b. 1762 d. 3 Feb. 1842. [See Rikard family.]

VI.       Jacob Dominick (child of John Dominick & Elizabeth Eigleberger). Moved to Edgefield Co. by 1811. Md. Susan Calk.

VII.      Margaretha/Margaret Dominick (child of John Dominick & Elizabeth Eigleberger) [Believe she md. John Rikard]

VIII.     Christiana Dominick [Believe she must have md. Thomas Rikard]

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John Dominic, Sr., of 96 Dist. deeded 1 Oct. 1784 for 50 pounds sterling to his wife Elizabeth Dominic 100 acres on Broad River adjoining George Stoudemayer, George Eigleberger, L. Rygard, and Conrad Road. Part of 150 acres granted 30 Oct. 1752, bounded John Stoudenmeyer...unto the sd. Elizabeth Dominic her heirs begotten by her and her husband John Dominic, Sr., if he should die before the mother then to her and her heirs.

1 Feb. 1796. Elizabeth Dominick, of Newberry Co., S.C., widow, deeds to her son, Jacob Dominick, of the same place, 100 acres being part of a tract originally granted to John Dominick on the Bounty of 150 acres, sd. 100 acres lawfully transferred to the above Elizabeth Dominick by Lease and Release. Tract adjoins Peter Welhelm, Conrad Roads, George Stoudemires...if Jacob should die before he arrives at age of 21 years or without a lawful will after 21 years of age, then the sd. 100 acres is to be equally divided between Margaretha and Christiana Dominick, his two sisters or their heirs. Wit: John Eigleberger, John Ricard, Thomas Ricard. Ricards sign by marks.

24 June 1797. Indenture between Henry Summers, John Dominick, Andrew Halman, William Fulmer, and Elizabeth Dominick of Lexington Co., S.C. of the one part to Jacob Dominick, Christiana Dominick, and Margaret Dominick of Newberry Co., S.C. of the second part. Those named in the first part sell to those named in the second part for 25 pounds sterling 150 acres in Newberry Co. on Crims Crk., waters of Broad River, granted John Dominick, dec'd., 30 Oct. 1752, joining Jacob Starling (? Stairle?), George Stoudmare, Conrad Road. Three of the signatures are in German. Andrew (X) Fulmer signed. Elizabeth (X) Dominick signed. Wit: John Kinard, Jacob Counts, George Riser.

30 Jan. 1809. Jacob Dominic, Thomas Rykard, John Rykard, Junr., of Newberry Dist., S.C. ‑ bound to Frederick Joseph Wallern and Jacob Stairly of the same place for $2,190.00 to be paid to sd. Frederick Joseph Wallern and Jacob Stairly. Tract situate on S side Broad River on a small branch containing 150 acres...original grant to John Dominic, the father of sd. Jacob Dominic and known by the name of old Hary Dominic place. Thomas and John Rycard sign by marks.

In 1811, Jacob Dominick of Edgefield Dist., S.C. and Thomas Rykard and John Rykard of Newberry Dist., S.C. deed for $730.00 to Frederick Joseph Wallern and Jacob Stairly 150 acres in Newberry Dist. on S side of Broad River on a branch of Crims Creek, bounded: Conrad R??? (Roads), Stoudmeyers, Stirleys, Eysler, Stoudemayers, George Eiglebergers, Daniel Boyles ‑ land generally known as old Hary Dominicks old place to whom the same was originally granted on the bounty. Renunciation of Dower by Susan Calk Dominic, wife of Jacob Dominic. Jacob signs as Jacob Dominic. Thomas and John Rykard sign by marks.


John Dominick d. Sep., 1830 md. Rachel _________ :

I.          Margaret Dominick b. ca. 1783 md. Bartholomew Long

II.         Mary Dominick b. ca. 1785

III.       Rosannah Dominick md. Zachariah Nates

IV.       Catherine Dominick b. ca. 1810

V.        Elizabeth Dominick

VI.       Sophia Dominick

VII.      John Dominick b. ca. 1810

VIII.     Jesse Dominick b. 25 Apr. 1815 d. 21 July 1885

IX.       Sarah Dominick

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Henry Dominick b. 1757/58 d. 1 Jan. 1836 md. (1) Agnes Fellers md. (2) Margaret Fellers d. 4 Mar. 1844. Both daus. of Michael Fellows/Fellers. Henry Dominick was a Revolutionary Soldier. By 1st wife:

I.          Christiana Dominick (by 1st wife) md. William Workman (d 29 Apr. 1862), she md. then Sebastian Fritzman/Fritchmann

II.         Henry Dominick (by 1st wife) b. 30 Apr. 1787 d. 18 Apr. 1865 md. Mary Paysinger b. 16 Dec. 1790 d. 2 Aug. 1875.

            A.        John Dominick b. 30 Oct. 1813 d. 6 Dec. 1889 md. Elizabeth/Betty Rikard: [See Rikard Family Outline.]

                        1.         Henry Patrick Dominick b. 3 May 1846

                        2.         Nancy Dominick b. 17 Oct. 1847

                        3.         Mary Caroline Asterwest Dominick b. 1 July 1849

                        4.         Edith Thurzy Ann Dominick b. 30 Apr. 1851

                        5.         George Asbery Dominick b. 25 Oct. 1852

                        6.         William Crayton Dominick b. 18 Apr. 1854

            A.         Frederick Henry Dominick b. 20 Sep. 1815 d. 24 July 1891 md. 19 March 1844 Mary Long

            B.        George Wesley Dominick b. 5 Feb. 1817 d. 27 June 1869 md. Margaret/Peggy Nelson

            C.        Elizabeth Dominick b. 9 Oct. 1819 d. 15 Aug. 1833, unmd.

            D.         Catherine Dominick b. 20 Sep. 1821 d. 23 Aug. 1833, unmd.

            E.         Mary/Polly Dominick b. 20 Sep. 1821 d. 14 Mar. 1895 md. Ivy Belton Stockman

            F.        Nancy Dominick b. 12 Oct. 1823 md. Drayton S. Kinard

            G.        Henry Wesley Dominick b. 12 Dec. 1826 d. 17 Aug. 1885 md. Jane Lake

            H.          Christina/Tina Dominick b. 17 May 1828 md. Jefferson M.D. Kinard

            I.          Eliza Dominick b. 1 Feb. 1830 d. 1 Jan. 1917 md. George Michael Bowers

            J.        Jacob Luther Dominick b. 24 Dec. 1832 d. 3 Nov. 1854, unmd.

            K.         Andrew Pickens Dominick b. 2 Mar. 1836 d. 1919 md. Lucinda Shealy

III.       Catherine Dominick (by 2nd wife) b. 5 May 1785 d. 22 July 1860 md. (1) Christian Hope d. 1810. She md. then John Peter Stockman. [See Shealy family.] [See Hope family.]

IV.       George Dominick (by 2nd wife) b. 6 Feb. 1796 d. 8 July 1840 md. Mary/Polly Mock/Mack b. 15 Jan. 1801 d. 27 Aug. 1848

            A.        Aaron Moses Dominick md. (1) Eve Margaret Shealy (2) Catherine Cook

            B.         Mary Ann E. Dominick md. (1) James Taylor (2) Jacob Warner

            C.        George Adam Dominick md. Nancy Hunter

            D.        Margaret Martha Dominick md. John Bowers

            E.         Henry Middleton Dominick b. 5 Sep. 1828 md. 17 July 1853 Rhoda Banks

            F.         B. Lindsey Dominick md. Rosa Cook

V.        David Dominick (by 2nd wife) b. ca. 1800 d. ca. 1842 md. Mary Nealy md. then Barshaba Riggins. Family lived in Georgia. Some children moved to Mississippi.

VI.       Andrew Dominick (by 2nd wife) md. Myra Langford. Moved to Coweta Co., Ga.

VII.      Mary Dominick b. ca. 1804 d. after 1860 md. Robert Nealy b. 25 Aug. 1798 d. 5 Apr. 1838, md. then ca. 1842 Benjamin W. Nix. Lived in Laurens Co. in 1860.

VIII.     Noah Dominick d. 25 Sep. 1828

IX.       Frances Dominick b. ca. 1816 d. 1852 md. 1832 David H. Taylor

X.        Nancy Agnes Dominick d. ca. 1836 md. Israel Hilburn b. 22 Sep. 1789 d. 10 Apr.1837

XI.       Elizabeth Dominick d. ca. 1836 md. William Taylor d. ca. 1848

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Andrew Dominy, Revolutionary Soldier. Bounty Grant for service in the 3rd Regiment - 200 acres on Crane Crk. (Estate 1817 in Richland County, S.C.). 7 heirs in 1819. Chancery Records #176) md. Margaret _______________ d. 23 Mar. 1842:

I.          Andrew Dominy (minor in 1820) b. 1802 d. after 1860 (Fairfield Deed WW:55) md. Elizabeth ______ (sister of Lucy Gill) b. 30 Mar. 1798 d. 17 May 1887, FL [See file of Warren Smith for date of death of Andrew Dominy.]

II.         Mary/Polly Dominy md. John Saunders/Sanders

III.       Sarah/Sally Dominy, widow of John Holman (in Georgia)

IV.       Margaret Dominy md. John Royser (living out of State)

V.        Susannah Dominy

VI.       Catherine/Katy Dominy md. Andrew Moke (living out of State)

VII.      Elizabeth/Eliza  Dominy md. Daniel Smith (living in Newberry Co.)

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Testimony re: Andrew Dominy, Sr.: Served as a private in Col. Wm. Thompson's Co. of Capt. Robert Goodwyn. Resident of Richland at the time of his enlistment. He d. ca. 1817. His comrads were Jeremiah Taylor and Benjamin Hodge. He md. Margaret before the War. Affidavit of Mrs. Fereby Blizzard or Buzzard, age 86 stating that she had moved to S.C. from Virginia. Her parents were Stephen Smith and Sarah. She was born 11 June 1765. Andrew Dominy, Jr. and Mary Sanders were the only surviving children.

Andrew Dominy was a member of the German Protestant Church of Appii Forum on Cedar Creek at the time of the Corpus Evangelicum in 1788.

Andrew Domini in 1810 Richland Co. Census:  10001‑02201

Sources and Notes:

Query: Who is Katy Wesinger b. 13 Feb. 1803 in the Henry Dominick (1787‑ 1865) Bible?

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From the files of Theresa M. Hicks, Professional Genealogist

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