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The Smiths

The Smiths of Marion County, S.C.

Those marked with -X- are named as heirs of John Smith.

John Smith. Born ca. 1710, Chowan Co., N.C. Will 10 June 1797. Died 1802. Marion Co., S.C. Md. (1) 4 Oct. 1737 Abigail Commander. [According to one source they had no children. But see the will of Joseph Commander in 1772 who names his sister Abigail Smith (dec'd) and her children: Samuel Smith, Elizabeth Punch, Mary Smith, and Hannah Smith. Abigail Commander who md. John Smith does not seem to belong in this family. Could she have been a sister of John McCants?] Md. (2) 10 Sep. 1742 Jane Ford b. ca. 1725/26. Md. (3) Mary ___________.

Children [Numbers I through X]:

I. X Ann (Nancy) Smith b. 1743. Daughter of Jane. Living 1824. Md. ca. 1758 Andrew Berry:

A. Nancy Berry b. 1772 md. John Hay(e)s b. 1764 d. 1812:

1. Newton Hays

2. Coburn Hays

3. John C. Hays md. Mary Ann Stubbs (widow Lindsay)

4. David S. Hays md. Miss Fladger, dau. of Hugh Fladger

5. Mary Hays b. 1791/2 d. 1862 md. 1810 Isham Watson b. 1788 d. 1864. See children under Watson.

B. Henry Berry d. 1853/4, age 90+ md. Miss Hays:

1. Fama Berry b. 1806 d. 1900 md. Nathan Tart b. 1791 d. 1884

2. Dennis Berry md. a dau. of David Miles

3. Slaughter Berry b. ca. 1802 md. a dau. of David Miles. To Fla.

4. Elizabeth Berry md. Bryant Jones

5. Martha Berry md. John M. Miles

6. Mary Berry md. William Rogers b. 1799

C. Stephen Berry b. ca. 1774 d. ca. 1862:

1. Henry Berry (Cross Roads) b. 1796 d. 1876 md. Charity Crawford

2. Andrew Stephen Berry

3. ___________ Berry md. William Greenwood

4. ___________ Berry md. Wilson Dew

D. John Berry

E. Andrew Berry

F. Samuel Berry

G. Daughter md. Christopher Dew. He d. 18 Dec. 1827:

1. Wilson Dew md. his cousin, dau. of Stephen Berry

2. Christopher Dew md. Miss Jones, sister of Bryant Jones

3. Abraham Dew never md.

4. Marina Dew md. Henry Hayes, son of William Hayes

5. Nancy Dew md. Ebben Hayes, son of William Hayes

6. Mary (Polly) Dew md. Jesse Perritt

7. Charity Dew md. _______ Wise

8. Henrietta Dew md. 18 Dec. 1827 Bryant Lane

9. Daughter md. Absalom Dew:

a. William Dew md. ___________ Coleman

b. Alexander Dew

H. Others. [1850 Marion Co. Census: Andrew Berry 77, Ann Berry 68, Mary A. Berry (dau.) 37. All b. S.C.]

II. Elizabeth Smith. One source says dau. of Jane. Not living 1824. Md. (1) John Deer k. Revolutionary War. John Deer, noted Tory of Marion Dist., is said to be buried in the Old Smith Cemetery. Md. (2) 1787 X Barnabas/Barnaby Watson b. ca. 1758/60/70 d. 1841. Barnabas/Barnaby Watson md. (1) ______________ (No proof of this.). Barnabas/Barnaby Watson md. (3) Mary Rogers b. ca. 1800. Barnaby Watson on 1786 Tax Return by Hugh Giles. 150 acres, 1 Negro. Barnaby Watson Land Grant 600 acres SW side Buck Swamp, adj. Samuel Smith and vacant land. 1787. Marker erected in Watson Cemetery in 1912: Barnabas Watson b. 1758 d. 1841. Came to S.C. from Virginia in 1778. 1790 Census Georgetown District, Prince George Parish: Barnaby Watson 14301. 1800 Marion Co., S.C. Census: Barnabas Watson 1 M 10‑16 1 M 26‑45 (b. 1755‑1774) 1 F 10‑16 1 F 26‑45 (b. 1755‑1774). 1810 Marion Co., S.C. Census: Barnabas Watson 1 M under 10 1 M 45+ (b. by 1765) 1 F 45+. 1811: Barnabas Watson to Isham Watson. 250 acres and 200 acres. 1820 Marion Co., S.C. Census: Barnabas Watson. 1 M under 10 1 M 45+ 1 F 45+. It appears that Barnabas married Mary between 1820 and 1830. 1830 Marion Co., S.C. Census: Barnabas Watson. 1 M under 5 1 M 60‑70 1 F under 5 2 F 5‑10 1 F 30‑40. 1840 Marion Co., S.C. Census: Barnabas Watson. 2 M under 5 1 M 10‑15 1 M 70‑80 1 F under 5 1 F 10‑15 2 F 15‑20 1 F 40‑50 Children:

A. X John Deer

B. X Samuel Deer

C. X James Deer b. ca. 1780/90. 1830 Census: James Deed 1 M under 5 2 M 5-10 3 M 10-15 1 M 40-50 3 F under 5 3 F 15-20 1 F 40-50

D. X Girl Deer. (Was she Mary who md. Johnson?)

E. Girl Deer (Did she marry a Watson?)

F. X Isham Watson b. 1788 d. 30 Oct. 1864 in his 77th year md. 15 Feb. 1810 Mary Hays b. 1791/2 d. 10 Dec. 1862, age 70 years, 3 months 16 days. Both bd. Antioch Cemetery. Isham Watson 1820 Marion Co., S.C. Census: 3 M under 10 1 M 18‑26 2 M 45+ 1 F 16‑26. [Could not be Isham b. 1788.]. Isham Watson 1830 Marion Co., S.C. Census: 2 M under 5 1 M 5‑10 1 M 10‑15 1 M 15‑20 1 M 40‑50 1 F under 5 1 F 5‑10 2 F 10‑15 1 F 30‑40. Isham Watson 1840 Marion Co., S.C. Census: 2 M 10‑15 1 M 15‑20 1 M 50‑60 [Did not get Females.] Children:

1. David b. 3 Dec. 1811 d. 16 Dec. 1823, bd. Antioch

2. Matthew Watson b. ca. 1813 md. 1839 Celia Easterling

3. Nancy Watson b. 20 July 1817 d. 8 Feb. 1891 md. the Rev. Joel Allen b. 2 March 1815/1816 d. 28 Oct. 1884. Bd. Brownsville Baptist Church, Marlboro Co., S.C.

4. James Watson md. Elizabeth Jones (dau. of Bryant Jones)

5. Nellie Watson md. 1839 Frank A. Berry. [Mrs. Ellen Berry b. 14 July 1819 d. 9 July 1840 bd. Antioch]

6. Isham H. Watson b. 13 May 1821 d. 11 March 1886. Bd. Antioch Cemetery. Md. Miss McDuffie. Md. (2) Mary Nichols. Bd. Antioch.

7. Samuel Watson md. Miss Page. Md. (2) Miss Roberts Md. (3) Miss Price

8. William Watson b. ca. 1830 md. Cherry Deer

9. Elizabeth Watson b. 1823 md. George W. Reaves b. 1811 d. 1896 (His 3rd wife). He md. (1) Miss Carmichael (2) Miss Brown md. (4) Miss Rogers, dau. of John Rogers

10. Mary Watson md. James B. Legette

11. Verzella/Drucilla Watson b. ca. 1831 md. Frank A. Berry

12. Fama Watson b. ca. 1832 md. (1) Stephen Berry (2) Fred. D. Jones

13. Sarah Watson b. 9 Aug. 1833 d. 31 Aug. 1841, bd. Antioch

14. Jane Watson b. 1834 md. John M. Mace

G. Martha Watson 1800 md. ___________ Dorman

H. Susan/Susannah b. ca. 1823

I. Milly 1825

J. Meredith b. 2 Aug. 1824 d. 9 Apr. 1897, bd. Watson Cemetery [In 1880 census, states his father was born in S.C.]

K. Mary b. ca. 1829

L. Marcus/Mark b. ca. 1831

M. Barnabas b. ca. 1836

N. Beedy/Beady b. ca. 1841

III. X Mary Smith b. 19 Sep. 1750. Daughter of Mary. Living 1824. Md. Jacob Buckholts/Bucholtz (var. sp.)

IV. X Sarah Smith b. 2 Dec. 1751. Daughter of Mary. Living 1824. Md. Enos Tart, Sr. His will 18 Jan. 1801. Children:

A. John Tart

B. Nathan Tart b. 1791 d. 1884 md. Fama Berry

C. Enos Tart, Jr. d. 1828, intestate md. Susannah Johnson b. ca. 1784 d. 6 Aug. 1853, age 69 bd. Moody's Mill Pond:

1. Elizabeth Tart md. Alfred Kirvin

2. Enos Tart

3. Nathan Tart

4. Thomas Tart

5. Sarah Tart

6. Martha Jane Tart md. E. J. Moody (his 2nd wife)

7. Susannah Tart

8. Mary Tart md. ca. 1823 Willis C. Finklea b. ca. 1800. He md. then Margaret Bethea. Children by Mary:

a. John Hardy Finklea b. ca. 1824

b. Enos A. Finklea

c. Mary J. Finklea [See Marion Equity Roll #236.]

D. Jonathan Tart

E. Martha md. Maloye/Malloy [Was this the Charles Malloy connection?]

F. Mary Tart md. __________ Crawford

V. X Samuel Smith b. 1 May 1753. Son of Mary. Living 1824. D. 1843:

A. Daughter md. Capt. William Page

B. Elizabeth (Betsey) md. Robert Moody

C. Samuel Smith, Jr. b. 12 May 1786 d. 19 Oct. 1851, bd. Smith Cemetery md. Kesiah dau. of Osborne Lane (2) Sallie Hays, b. ca. 1800 d. 1857 dau. of Benjamin Hays:

1. John L. Smith (by 1st wife) b. 1811 d. 1878 md. Miss Wannamaker of Orangeburg Co. md. (2) the Widow Henry

2. Stephen Smith (by 1st wife) b. 1813 md. Polly Huggins, dau. of John Huggins

3. William H. Smith (by 2nd wife) b. ca. 1829

4. Samuel Smith (by 2nd wife) b. ca. 1823

5. Elizabeth (by 2nd wife) md. _________ Allen

6. Mary (by 2nd wife) md. __________ Roberts

7. Ginsey b. ca. 1823 (by 2nd wife) md. William G. Ellis

8. Florence (by 2nd wife) md. E. J. Moody as his 1st wife

VI. X Martha Smith. Not living 1824. Md. ca. 1770 Willis Finklea b. ca. 1746. Did he d. 28 August 1837? Children and grandchildren:

A. X Martha (Patsy) Finklea b. ca. 1770 d. 1864, age 94, bd. Roberts Cemetery. Baptist. Md. John Mace/Mays:

1. Franky Mace b. ca. 1811 md. John Roberts

2. Sally Mace b. ca. 1815 md. Wesley White

3. John Mace b. ca. 1819 md. Verzilla Berry

4. Massey Mace md. David Monroe

5. James Mace d. 1846, unmd.

6. Rhoda Mace b. ca. 1823 md. William S. Lewis

B. X John C. Finklea b. ca. 1773 d. 1849 md. ca. 1794 Mercy/Massey Crawford. Md. (2) 1848 Mrs. Mary Wilson: To Ala.

1. John C. Finklea, Jr. b. ca. 1795 d. 1854

2. Willis C. Finklea b. ca. 1800 d. 1845 md. (1) ca. 1823 Mary Tart (2) Margaret Bethea

3. Martha Finklea b. ca. 1803 md. ca. 1820 Wilbor Crosby

4. Sarah Finklea b. ca. 1807 md. 1835 Samuel Nettles

5. James C. Finklea b. 1809 md. 1847 Frances Elizabeth Henry

6. Gadi Finklea b. 1813 md. 1837 Agnes C. Muldrow (2) Sarah Davis (3) Ann McCants

7. William H. Finklea b. 1825 md. 1859 Rosannah Reaves

C. X Willis Finklea b. ca. 1775 or 1785 d. 25 Sep. 1842 md. (1) Mary Bryant d. 1825. Md. (2) Mary Turbeville b. ca. 1805/1810. [See Equity Roll 79, Marion Co., S.C.]

1. Elly Finklea b. 1802

2. X John Finklea b. ca. 1816

3. X Martha Finklea b. ca. 1817 d. 1892 md. Levi Jones b. ca. 1811

4. X Willis Finklea b. ca. 1820

5. X Hugh Finklea b. ca. 1827 [son of Mary Bryant? Age off?]

6. Sarah Finklea md. William Gasque

7. Mary Finklea (a minor in 1841/2) (There were only 4 children of Mary Bryant Finklea living in 1841.) By 2nd wife:

8. William Finklea b. ca. 1829

9. Frances Finklea b. ca. 1831

10. Thomas Finklea b. ca. 1833

11. Hardy Finklea b. ca. 1836

12. Alfred Finklea b. ca. 1839

13. Milly Finklea b. ca. 1841 [Note: Question: Who is Mary Finklea b. ca. 1775 in household of Willis Finklea in 1860?]

D. Frances/Franky Finklea deceased in 1824 md. John Mace/Mays:

1. X Matthew Mace b. ca. 1800 d. ca. 1854, unmd.

2. X Moses Mace d. 1836/37 md. Drucilla Miles b. ca. 1817, dau. of David Miles

3. X Elizabeth (Betsy) Mace

4. X Mary (Polly) Mace

5. X Martha (Patsy) Mace

E. X Thomas Finklea b. ca. 1790 d. 1847 md. ca. 1817 Massey (Maria):

1. John Finklea b. ca. 1818 md. ca. 1840 Mary Ann

2. Hugh Finklea b. ca. 1819 md. Sarah

3. Thomas Finklea, Jr. b. 1827 d. by 1854

4. Sarah Ann Finklea b. ca. 1828 md. Andrew Patrick Thompson

5. Enos Finklea b. 1829 md. Caroline Nettles

6. Mary Ann Finklea b. ca. 1832 md. 1848 Hugh G. Jones

7. Willis Finklea b. 1836 md. 1858 Mary Jane Finklea

8. William James Finklea b. 1840 md. 1859 Josephine Cannon

F. X Charles Finklea b. ca. 1790 d. 1836 md. Cuzza Lane. She md. then Hugh Finklea b. ca. 1788 d. 1861.

G. X Alexander Finklea b. ca. 1800

H. Nancy Finklea

I. Samuel J. Finklea b. ca. 1794 md. ca. 1815 ________ md. 1851/52 Frances C. Jones

J. Mary (Polly) Finklea md. William Middleton

K. Amelia (Milly) Finklea b. ca. 1783 md. Joel Fore b. ca. 1780 [Note: These last 4 are not named as heirs of John Smith. Nancy Finklea, Mary (Polly) Finklea Middleton, Amelia (Milly) Finklea Fore are named as sisters of Charles Finklea in deed. Samuel J. Finklea is from the Bible of the Willis and Martha Smith Finklea family.

VII. X Mourning Smith. B. ca. 1758 d. ca. 1841. Md. Jesse Bryant b. ca. 1750. His estate 1822.

A. Elizabeth Bryant b. ca. 1772 d. ca. 1851 md. Aaron Martin ‑ will 1841:

1. Matthew Martin b. ca. 1800

2. Emanuel Martin b. ca. 1803

3. Aaron Martin

4. Mary Stephens

5. Olivia Martin

6. Mourning Flowers

B. James Bryant b. ca. 1773 md. Elizabeth Johnson

C. Mary (Polly) Bryant d. 1825 md. Willis Finklea b. ca. 1775/1785 d. 25 Sep. 1842. He md. then Mary Turbeville b. ca. 1805/10. [See family of Willis Finklea above.]

D. William Bryant b. ca. 1774/1779 d. 1863, age 89 md. Rebecca Miller b. ca. 1787

E. Mourning Bryant md. Jonathan Harrell

F. Jesse Bryant md. _________ Johnson. (to Ala. 1821)

G. Sarah (Sally) Bryant b. ca. 1790 md. David Perritt b. ca. 1784

H. Citsy Bryant md. Needham Perritt

I. Milly Bryant b. ca. 1806 md. Henry Gasque b. ca. 1769. His will 1848/49. He md. (1) Mourning Brown (2) Nancy Brown.

1. Elly (by 1st wife) b. ca. 1795

2. Rebecca (by 1st wife)

3. Henry b. ca. 1807 (by 1st wife)

4. Elizabeth (by 1st wife)

5. Nancy (Ann) (by 2nd wife) md. ________ Thomas

6. Edith (by 2nd wife) md. ______ Bryant

7. By 3rd wife: 10 children

J. Smithy Bryant b. ca. 1807 md. Solomon Huggins b. ca. 1800/1801

K. Ann Bryant md. Jesse Adkison/Atkinson. He md. (2) Margaret Cave

1. Hugh Adkinson b. ca. 1809

2. Jesse b. ca. 1808

3. Ebenezer

4. Sarah Ann b. ca. 1813 md. Vincent Godbold.

VIII. X James Smith. Living 1824.

A. Hugh Smith md. Chloe Perritt, sister of David Perritt

IX. X Cealey/Celia Smith. Living 1824. Md. __________Harrelson.

X. X John Smith Living 1824. Md. Elizabeth ________:

A. Daughter Smith md. ________ Malloy. Moved to Horry Co. [Was this the Charles Malloy connection?]

B. Daughter Smith md. James Tart

The following are named in court case, but they are not children of Barnabas Watson:

XNeedham Watson b. by 1765. Two Needham Watsons in Marion Co., S.C. in 1810. One was Barnabas' brother. 1790 Census Georgetown Dist., Prince Georges Parish 11100. 1809 Tax List of Marion Co., S.C. 1810 Marion Co., S.C. Census: Needham Watson 5 M under 5 1 M 16‑26 1 M 45+ 1 F under 10 2 F 10‑16 2 F 16‑26 1 F 26‑45. Believe he is Barnabas' brother. D. by 1832. Heirs: Kenyon Watson b. ca. 1798; Wickham Watson; Nicy Watson; Lany or Crisany Cain; Arrenton Cain b. ca. 1776. 1810 Marion Co., S.C. Census: Needham Watson 1 M under 10 1M10‑16 1 M 45+ 1 F under 10 1 F 10‑16. Believe he is connected with the John Smith family.

X Greenwood Watson

X Green Watson 1820 Marion Co., S.C. Census 3 M under 10 1 M 18‑26 1 F under 10 1 F16‑26. 1830. Green Watson of Marion Dist. from heirs at law of Francis Britton. 100 acres. Wit: Reuben Paul. Note: Reuben Paul md. Zilla Butler, Patience Butler's sister. 1830 Marion Co., S.C. Census: 1 M under 5 1 M 5‑10 1 M 10‑15 1 M 20‑30 1 M 40‑50 2 F under 5 1 F 5‑10 1 F 10‑15 1 F 30‑40. Was this the Green Watson who md. Patience Butler, dau. of Isham? If so, how does he get to be an heir of John Smith?

X Laney/Larry Watson

X Mary Johnson

See Marion Co., S.C. Equity Roll #235. An Amendment to the original Bill was filed in 1824. An Order was made by the Circuit Court in Feb., 1830. The case was appealed. The Court of Appeal reversed the decree of the Circuit Court. There may be other papers relating to this case in Circuit Court records. At the time of the filing in 1824, the following were Defendants:

-*Enos Tart* [Grandson of Smith]

-*Samuel Smith* [Son of Smith]

-*John Smith* [Son of Smith]

-*James Smith* [Son of Smith]

-*Ann Berry* [Daughter of Smith]

-*Sarah Tart* [Daughter of Smith]

-*Celia Harrelson* [Daughter of Smith]

-*Willis Finklea* [Husband of Martha Smith who had died]

-*Thomas Finklea* [Son of Martha & Willis Finklea]

-*Charles Finklea* [Son of Martha & Willis Finklea]

-*Alexander Finklea* [Son of Martha & Willis Finklea]

-*John Mace* [Husband of Frances/Franky Finklea who had died]

-*Martha Mace* [Sister of Frances/Franky & wife of John Mace]

-*Matthew Mace* [Son of John and Frances/Franky Mace]

-*Betsy Mace* [Daughter of John and Frances/Franky Mace]

-*Polly Mace* [Daughter of John and Frances/Franky Mace]

-*Moses Mace* [Son of John and Frances/Franky Mace]

-*Patsy Mace* [Daughter of John and Frances/Franky Mace]

-*Rowan Thomas* [Have not established the Thomas connection.]

-*Alexander Thomas*

-*Joseph Thomas*

-*Patrick Thomas*

-*Isaac Thomas*

-*Ann(y) Thomas*

-*Betsy Thomas*

-*Oliver Thomas*

-*Mourning Bryant* [Daughter of Smith]

-*Barnabas Watson* [Husband of Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Smith]

-*John Deer* [Grandson of Smith]

-*James Deer* [Grandson of Smith]

-*Isham Watson* [Grandson of Smith]

Another paper in this file has the above names ‑ all named as Heirs at Law of John Smith ‑ and in addition:

-*Mary Buckles (var. sp. Buckholtz/Buckholts) [Daughter of Smith]

-*Martha Finklea [Dau. of Mary Bryant & Willis Finklea]

-John Finklea [Son of Mary Bryant & Willis Finklea]

-Willis Finklea [Son of Mary Bryant & Willis Finklea]

-Hugh Finklea [Son of Mary Bryant & Willis Finklea]

-James Thomas

-Samuel Deer [Grandson of Smith]

-Needham Watson

-Greenwood Watson

-Green Watson

-Larry/Laney Watson

-Mary Johnson

-Charles Molloy [Grandson of Smith - inherited form Smith's daughter.] [Nephew often used = grandson]

[Named in this order: Barnabus Waton, John Deer, Samuel Deer, James Deer, Needham Watson, Green Watson, Greenwood Watson, Lany Watson, Isham Watson ‑ on 1824 or 1828 list of heirs‑at‑law of John Smith.]

[Over the at‑least 10 year span of this case, some of the Plaintiffs and Defendants died accounting for the change in names at various times.]

[Note: There may be other interpretations different from mine noted in the brackets [ ].]

The following may be helpful in identifying the Thomas family:

1850 Marion Co. Census:

Alexander Thomas b. ca. 1804 with Roda Thomas b. ca. 1804

Rohan W. Thomas b. ca. 1802 with Martha Thomas b. ca. 1812.

Patrick Thomas b. ca. 1807 with Mary Thomas b. ca. 1808.

Rowan Thomas b. ca. 1810 with Beady Thomas b. ca. 1818.

From the files of Theresa M. Hicks, Professional Genealogist

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