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The Smiths

Miscellaneous Records

Prince Frederick, Winyaw, Parish Register:

Capt. Richard Smith. Vestry. 1733. Refused to serve.

Catherine Smith, dau. of William & Mary Smith, b. 26 Nov. 1735.

Married 4 Oct. 1737 John Smith and Abigail Commander.

Married 22 Mar. 1738 William Smith and Sarah Bennet.

Married 13 Aug. 1742 William Smith and Eleanor James.

Married 10 Sep. 1742 John Smith and Jane Ford.

John Smith, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth, b. 29 Jan. 1743.

Thomas Smith, natural son of William Thornwell and Elizabeth Smith, b. 1743.

Married 28 June 1744 William Collins and Elizabeth Smith, widow.

Children of John & Mary Smith:

            Mary b. 19 Sep. 1750

            Sarah b. 2 Dec. 1751

            Samuel b. 1 May 1753.

Rev. Mr. Michael Smith...1752...missionary to parish in room of Rev. Mr. Fordyce, dec'd. Rev. Michael Smith...left for three months to go north in 1754.... Came back and said he had another parish in the North Province. ...He brought home a woman whom he lives with and calls his wife...She is Margaret Jordan...Mentions Abraham Jordan. ...In 1759, the vestry wrote him re a child and other things "by the barer Thomas Cribb." He replied from N.C. that the letter by Mr. Cribb with the Child received...and mentions bringing "the first boy...but not cash for the last...." Daniel Smith carried to Cape Fear to the Revd. Michael Smith his father...1759. John Smith mentioned in 1758. Danl. Smith mentioned in an account in 1758. James board with Richard Smith of Brittons Neck...1762. James Lepunt...boarded by Richd. Smith...1763.

St. Thomas & St. Denis Parish Register:

John md. Eliz. Balthezar 12 Jan. 1760.

Children of James & Betty Smith:

            Sarah bap. 17 May 1773

            Celia bap. 17 May 1773

            Amelia bap. 17 May 1773

Mary Ann Elizabeth Smith, a child, bap. 1853.

Dr. Thomas Stitt Smith d. 1 Apr. 1734.

Richard Smith on vestry in 1714.

DAR Records:

Augustine Smith b. 1725, Va. d. before 1781, Va. md. 1745 in Va. to Ann Marshall. Children:

            Joseph Smith md. Susannah Weaver

            Thomas Smith md. Elizabeth Adams

            Matthew Smith md. Martha Winn

            John Smith

            James Smith md. Libby Pickett

            William Smith md. Ann Ashby

            Augustine Smith md. Susannah Darnall

            Elizabeth Smith md. Francis Brown

            Susannah Smith

            Ann Smith md. William Flouree

Naturalized 1789. Vol. 5, p. 134.

            Andrew Smith

            Paul Smith

Bible of Hugh Smith:

Hugh Smith d. 3 March 1821, age 73 md. Elizabeth Anderson d. 25 Jan. 1823 age 57 years, 3 month, 10 days. Children:

            1.         John Smith b. 16 June 1788

            2.         Jane Smith b. 1 Sep. 1790

            3.         Elizabeth Smith b. 17 Apr. 1792 d. 1853. Md. 25 May 1815 John L. Brown who d. 1820 age 29. Md. 26 June 1822 John P. Breaker b. 4 June 1790 d. 21 Apr. 1839 (son to George & Barbara Breaker). Children:

                        A.        Hugh Thomas Brown b. 20 Feb. 1816 d. 1821

                        B.         John William Brown b. 6 Apr. 1819 d. 1820

                        C.        Jacob P. Breaker b. 11 Feb. 1823

                        D.        Elizabeth C. Breaker b. 31 Dec. 1825 d. 1827

                        E.         Sarah J. Breaker b. 26 Aug. 1821 d. 1831

                        F.         Daniel Manley Breaker b. 22 March 18__.

                                                Elizabeth Martha Breaker b. 3 June 1850

                        G.        Charles H. Breaker b. 30 Jan. 1834

            4.         Agnes Smith b. 15 March 1794

            5.         Willliam Miles Smith b. 15 Oct. 1795

            6.         Hugh Smith b. 23 July 1798. Md. 20 Dec. 1822 Margaret Gasque who d. 1850 age 53.


Benjamin Smith died 1845, age 69, born Charleston (1776). St. Pauls Episcopal Church, Pendleton.

Historic Camden:

Neil Smith, native of Scotland, md. Isabel McLehose of Glasgow. She had a brother, George Smith. Children:

            Neil Smith

            Janet Smith

Quaker Records:

Daniel & Elizabeth Smith.

David & Hannah Smith from Pa.

William & Jean Smith.

1776.  William, Aaron, and Rachel (children of Ralph Smith)...left.

1776.  Zapher Smith, son of Ralph...left.

1778.  William Smith...left.

1779.  Daniel Smith...left.

1784.  David Smith.

David Smith, son of William & Mercy Croasdale Smith of Pa. MOU 1761 Hannah Hibbs, dau. of Jeremiah & Hannah Jones Hibbs...moved to Padget Crk., Union Co., S.C. Entered again into unity.

David Smith, of Union, son of David & Hannah, md. 1793 to Sarah Flewellyn, dau. of Thomas & Martha Flewellyn of Laurens Co., S.C.

George Smith, son of David & Hannah, md. 1797 to Sarah Kennedy, dau. of Bowler Kennedy.

John Smith, MOU 1782.

Joseph Smith of Pa., md. 1768 to Phoebe Longshore of Va. Came to Union Co., S.C.

Joseph Smith, MOU in 1783.

Joseph Smith, son of William & Jean Smith, md. 1804 Elizabeth Comer.

Ralph, son of William & Mercy Smith, md. 1750 to Mercy Penqite. Moved to Spartanburg after first wife died.

Ralph Smith 2nd marriage 1761 to Ann Hibbs of New Jersey.

Williamsburg Co.: Jesse P. Smith md. Elvira T. Cooper. She had brothers, Julius J. who d. 1863; Quintus L.; Flavius E.; and a sister Adriella B. Wall.

William Smith b. 1797, S.C. (son of Peter) md. Martha Edwards b. 1808, Ga.

Peter Smith b. 1814, N.C. (son of Peter & Flora Smith) md. 1838 Catherine (Katie) Smith b. 1818, S.C. (dau. of Lawrence Smith (from Barnwell Co., S.C.) Ga.

Simon Smith (Revolutionary Soldier). Children:

            James Smith md. Fannie Bell

            Elender Smith md. Henry Magee, then _____ Strickland

            Mary Smith md. _______ Connor

            Daughter Smith md. ______ Dowdy

            Rebecca Smith md. _______ Strickland

Bounty Grants. Revolutionary Service: [From SCHM] [Notes in brackets are from the files of Theresa M. Hicks]

James Smith    

Jesse Smith      

John Smith       

William Smith

John Smith

Matthew Smith

Ralph Smith     

John Smith, Jr.

George Smith heir of John Smith

Charles Smith

Aaron Smith [2 Aaron Smiths: One b. 1720, Va. d. 4 July 1776 md. 1741

Elizabeth Carraway b. 1722, N.C. d. 4 July 1776. Capt. of 3rd Co. of Col. Williamson's Regiment at Fort 96, S.C. One b. 1758, Charleston d. 1817, Beaufort md. _______ Wilde. Capt. S.C. Militia 1775. 2nd Reg. 1778. 3rd Reg. 1779. Lt. S.C.]

Andrew Smith

Catherine Smith heir of James Smith

Ezekial Smith

Hugh Smith                   Grant Book A-5 p. 274

John Smith       

John Carraway Smith [2nd. Lt. 2nd Reg. S.C. 1775. Brother of Aaron Smith 1758-1817. Their parents were Aaron Smith & Elizabeth Carraway.]

Margaret Smith

William Smith

Arrived with the Rev. William Martin and his 5 ships (Scotch Irish Migration..., Stevenson):

Janet Smith on LORD DUNLUCE. 6 Jan. 1773. 100 acres. Craven Co., S. side Enoree, waters of Indian Crek. Bd: Richard Brooks, Wm. Largan, Thos. Garret, Clement Gore. (-Laurens Counties)

James Smith on LORD DUNLUCE. 150 acres.

Robert Smith on HOPEWELL. 350 acres.

George Smith on HOPEWELL. 100 acres. 6 Jan. 1773. Craven Co., SW side of Black Creek.  Bd: Samuel McCants, John Smith. (Darlington Co.)

John Smith on HOPEWELL. 450 acres. 6 Jan. 1773. Craven Co., SW side Black Creek. Bd: George Smith (Darlington Co.)

John Smith, Sr. on PENNSYLVANIA FARMER. 250 acres. 6 Jan. 1773. Craven Co. branch of Rocky Creek. Bd: Elisha Garret, Matthew Grimbs, William Hood, Thomas Hickling, Jasper Roger.

John Smith, Jr. on PENNSYLVANIA FARMER. 100 acres. 6 Jan. 1773. Craven Co. on branch of Mill Creek and waters of Little River.

Death Notices from Charleston papers, Holcomb:

Died 1802. Mr. Caleb Smith age 47, native of Pomona Orkney, N.B.

Died Georgetown, 1811, age 69, Samuel Smith, esq. Ordinary for Georgetown.

Died 1801. Age 50, Mr. John Christian Smith, native of Wirtemberg. Resident this country 30 years.

Baptist Notices, Holcomb:

Died Barnwell 12 Dec. 1857...Mrs. Judith Smith relict of Mr. Stephen Smith dec'd. age 74.

Courts, Judges, and Lawyers of Mississippi:

Cotesworth Pinckney Smith d. 11 Nov. 1862. Born in Natches, son of Peter Smith, a planter who came from S.C. 1785 and d. in 1837.

1850 Jones Co., Ga. Census:

Ann Smith        50 b. S.C.

Samuel E.                     21

Mary                            18

S.C. Equity, Richardson, Vol. I p. 130:

Georgetown...2364 acres.

Jesse Smith d. ca. 1826. Children:

            John W. Smith

            Jesse Smith

            Daughter md. Isaac Hardee.

William Smith was a Judge in 1808.

Line of Mrs. Carlton T. Woodard, 1324 Marvi Ave. Charleston, S.C. 29407:

Jesse Smith b. 1751 d. 1826, Longs, Horry Co., S.C. Md. Mary b. 1755. Children:

            Margaret Smith b. before 1790 md. about 1802 John Patterson

            Sarah Smith b. before 1790 md. John Reaves

            Daniel Smith b. ca. 1780

            John W. Smith b. ca. 1785 md. Sarah

            Thomas Smith b. ca. 1790

            Jesse Smith, Jr. b. 1795/1804

            William Smith b. 1795/1804

            James Smith b. before 1794

            Richard Smith b. 1797 md. Martha M. b. ca. 1809:

                        Elizabeth Smith b. ca. 1832

                        Jesse G. Smith b. ca. 1837

                        Sarah M. Smith b. ca. 1840

Margaret Smith b. ca. 1858 md. Joseph James Orvin

Laura Smith b. ca. 1862 md. Bethel James DuBoise

Mary Lenora Smith b. 24 apr. 1864 md. Henry Edward Brown

Frances Smith b. ca. 1866 md. Peter Oscar Huxford (Mrs. Woodard's grandmother):

            Jesse Smith b. ca. 1832 d. ca. 1900 md. Frances Bishop b. 1844 d. 31 Apr. 1901 (dau. of Stephen Coleman Bishop who md. Mary Smart, then Rhoda Cannon:

                        Parents unknown

Whitefoord Smith md. Margaret Shand. Child:

            The Rev. Whiteford Smith b. 7 Nov. 1812, Charleston d. 27 Apr. 1893. Reared a Presbyterian; became a Methodist. Md. 1834 Martha Ann Mouzon of Charleston. Md. 1840 Eliza Catherine Lord b. 1815, Charleston d. 1888. Bd. Magnolia Cemetery, Spartanburg, S.C.

[Article in The Spartanburg Herald.]

Data from Andrea Files:

Benjamin Smith b. 16 Nov. 1767 d. 1815, Laurens Co., S.C. Md. 1789 Malinda Elizabeth Mitchell b. 20 May 1770 d. 26 July 1842. Children:

            Mary Elizabeth Smith b. 21 Feb. 1790 md. William Owens

            Benjamin Smith, Jr., a Baptist Minister, b. 27 Mar. 1792. Md. Mary

            Noah Smith b. 14 July 1794. Moved from Laurens Co.

            Sara Jane Smith b. 13 Sep. 1796 md. Mr. Atkins

            Mitchell Smith b. 24 Aug. 1798 md. Sarah. In 1850 Laurens Co.

            Zadock Smith b. 3 Jan. 1802. In 1850 Laurens Co.

            Permelia Smith b. 10 Oct. 1805 md. Mr. Ward

            William Smith b. 30 NOv. 1809.

Peter Smith b. 23 May 1792, Greenville Co., S.C. d. 3 May 1880, Mobile, Ala., son of Hannah Tarrant and Moses Smith. Md. 17 Mar. 1815 to Mary Jane Adams b. 31 May 1796, Rowan Co., N.C. d. 5 June 1865, Camden, Ala, daughter of Sarah Hall and Andrew Adams. Children:

            Moses Andrew Smith b. 6 Jan. 1818, Greenville Co., S.C. d. 12 May 1845, never md.

            Sarah Hannah Smith b. 18 Apr. 1820 d. 4 June 1900 md. 30 June 1840 to Jonathan Brown Harris

            Peter Tarrant Smith b. 25 May 1823 d. 4 Aug. 1825

            John Henry Smith b. 31 Aug. 1826 d. 2 Nov. 1901 md. 12 Nov. 1848 to Margaret Mayer in Camden, Ala.

            Mary Adams Smith b. 25 Dec. 1830 d. 2 Jan. 1905, Mobile, Ala. md. 14 June 1850 James Winchester in Camden, Ala.

            Louisa Jane Smith b. 18 Mar. 1833 d. 24 June 1889 md. 25 Nov. 1851 to James Joseph Jones in Mobile, Ala.

            Angeline Elizabeth Smith b. 2 May 1836, Camden, Ala. d. 4 Sep. 1895 md. 7 July 1852 to Benjamin R. Keith in Camden, Ala.

Peter Smith md. second 7 June 1867 to Mary Ann Kemp b. 4 Oct. 1840 d. 30 Oct. 1910, Mobile, Ala. Children:

            William Kemp Smith b. 7 May 1870, Mobile, Ala. d. 2 July 1945 md. 25 Dec. 1891 in Mobile, Ala. to Sarah Ann Martin

            Essie Virginia Smith b. 3 Aug. 1837 Mobile, Ala. d. 23 Jan. 1951 md. 24 May 1893 to Joshua H. Green of Mobile, Ala.

Children of Wyatt Smith (1740-1800) md. 1764 Elizabeth (15 June 1743-25 Dec. 1804): [Elizabeth came to S.C. after 1800, bd. Greenville Presbyterian Church near Donalds, S.C.]

I.          John Smith

II.         Caleb Smith

III.       Elizabeth Smith

IV.       Mary Smith b. 1769 d. ca. 1815 md. John Swain b. 25 Dec. 1759 d. Aug., 1823, Abbeville Co., S.C., a Revolutionary Soldier. He md. then Anna Mayne/Maine b. ca. 1775, Ireland d. 14 Aug. 1851 in Ark. [In 1850 census of Abbeville Co., S.C.] [See my file for Virginia Bare.] Children:

            A.        William Swain. Moved to Tenn. and Miss. md. a dau. of John Williams

            B.         James Swain

            C.        Elizabeth (Betsy) Swain md. Caleb Smith. To Tenn. He md. then Sarah _______.

            D.        Jesse Swain b. ca. 1795 md. Talitha/Tabitha Smith, then her sister, Mathilda/Matilda Smith. Moved to Gordon Co., Ga.

            E.         Nancy Virginia Swain b. 13 May 1797 d. 13 Jan. 1863, Hamilton Co., Tenn. md. 8 July 1824 Silas Smith. He md. then Susan Bayless.

            F.         Jane Swain

            G.        Mary Swain

            H.        John Swain b. 1 Oct. 1800 md. Lucinda Norris. Bd. Union Co., Miss.

            I.          Margaret/Peggy Swain b. ca. 1801/03 d. 27 May 1845 md. Johnson L. Sims [In 1850 census of Abbeville Co., S.C.]

V.        Nimrod Smith b. 1767 d. 1846 (member of Turkey Creek Baptist Church in S.C. in 1787) md. 6 Nov. 1785 Lettice Nicholl Wyatt b. 25 July 1771 d. 1834. Nimrod md. then Jane Hannah Elliott b. 31 Jan. 1798 d. 26 Mar. 1854, bd. Sandy Springs Methodist Church Cemetery. [William Smith Bible, Anderson Co., S.C., owned by the late Mrs. Strom Thurmond of Aiken, S.C., a descendant] [See also article in The Carolina Herald Vol. XIII, No. 2.]. Nimrod & Lettice from Virginia and were in Spartanburg Co.; moved to Abbeville Co.; then to Anderson Co. Children:

            A.        Caleb Smith md. Elizabeth Swain (dau. of John & Mary Smith Swain). Moved to Ga., Ala., and Texas. Another source says they moved to Tenn.

            B.         Lettice Smith md. Thomas J. Brown

            C.        Elizabeth Smith b. 16 Sep. 1792 d. 31 Mar. 1876 md. 1810 Aaron John Smith (son of Jonathan and Margaret Guyton Smith)

            D.        Nancy Smith b. 1792 md. John Kay

            E.         Wyatt Smith b. 21 Jan. 1793 d. 15 Mar. 1864 md. Hannah Guyton (dau. of Joseph and Hannah Whitaker Guyton)

            F.         William Smith b. 11 Oct. 1795 d. 28 Feb. 1842 or 1849 md. 25 Mar. 1823 Anna Mariah Mattison (dau. of Frances Wyatt and James Mattison) b. 30 Aug. 1799 d. 15 Oct. 1883. Children:

                        1.         Sarah Anna Caroline Smith b. 5 May 1824 d. 5 Jan. 1829

                        2.         James Mattison Smith b. 29 Oct. 1826 d. 17 Sep. 1841

                        3.         Frances Amanda Smith b. 10 Sep. 1828 d. 30 Aug. 1884 md. 20 Sep. 1852 to Charles Guyton Webb

                        4.         Daniel Smith b. 5 July 1831 d. 12 Mar. 1862 in Confederate Army md. 9 Dec. 1852 to Laura M. Breazeale; she md. then John Jones

                        5.         William Newton Smith b. 4 May 1834 d. 30 Aug. 1862 in Confederate Army md. 6 Sep. 1859 to Temperance E. Watkins; she md. then Sanford Martin

                        6.         Martha Mary Smith b. 28 Feb. 1836 d. 9 Aug. 1909 md. 20 Sep. 1859 to Enoch H. Watkins

                        7.         Ann Elizabeth Smith b. 18 Dec. 1839 d. 7 Sep. 1897 md. 19 Oct. 1854 to Aaron John Smith.

            G.        Talitha/Tabitha Smith b. 1796 md. Jesse Swain (son of John & Mary Smith Swain)

            H.        Mathilda/Matilda Smith b. 1798 md. Jesse Swain (son of John & Mary Smith Swain)

            I.          Isaac Smith b. 1797 d. unmd. ca. 1838

            J.          Malina Smith b. 1801 md. Charles Bell

            K.        Silas Smith b. 1802 md. Nancy Virginia Swain (dau. of John and Mary Smith Swain). Moved to East Tenn.

                        1.         Newton Nimrod Smith b. 27 June 1827 md. 27 Dec. 1847 in McMinn Co., Tenn. to Margaret Louisa Smith (dau. of Joseph & Margaret Smith) b. 20 Jan. 1832 d. 17 Jan. 1912. Children:

                                    a.         William Silas Forest Smith b. 26 Mar. 1850 d. 5 June 1906

                                    b.         Horace Jefferson Lippard Smith b. 31 Jan. 1852 d. 26 Nov. 1908 md. 5 June 1886 (wife not listed)

                                    c.         Margaret Lutilia Jane Smith b. 16 June 1854

                                    d.         Judson Robert Graves Smith b. 28 Nov. 1858 md. 23 Aug. 1882 Alice M. Goodman b. 31 Mar. 1861 d. 19 Jan. 1938

                                    e.         Anderson Charles Drayton Smith b. 3 June 1861 d. 6 Oct. 1915 md. Sarah A. Martin b. 25 Aug. 1869 d. 25 Sep. 1902

            L.         Lemuel Smith b. 1804 d. unmd.

            M.        Nimrod Smith, Jr. b. 1805 md. Harriett Machen. Moved to Ala. then to Texas.

         N.        Sanford Vandiver Smith b. 1806 md. Miriam Dean McGregor. Moved to Ala. then to Texas. SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM OF ARTICLE FOR CORRECTION

            O.        Dianna Smith b. 1808 md. James Shirley

            P.         Sarah Smith b. 1810 md. John Moorhead (son of John & Elizabeth Moorhead)

            Q.        Robert Smith b. 1812

            R.         Columbus Smith b. 1814

            S.         John Gaston Smith (by 2nd wife)

Henry Smith md. Amy (Emi). Child:

            Jonathan Smith b. 1762 d. 14 Sep. 1829. Revolutionary Soldier. Md. (1) Margaret Guyton (dau. of Joseph & Hannah Whitaker Guyton). Md. (2) Elizabeth Dunn b. ca. 1773 d. ca. 1870. Children:

                        Whitaker Smith b. 1787 d. 1850 md. 1808 Mary (Polly) Moorehead

                        Aaron John Smith b. 26 July 1789 d. 15 Aug. 1864 md. 1810 Elizabeth Smith b. 16 Sep. 1792 d. 31 Mar. 1876

                        Gideon Smith b. ca. 1792 d. 3 Mar. 1839, unmd.

                        Mary (Polly) Smith b. 1794 d. 1859, Missouri md. 1815 Palaska Duckworth

                        Hannah Smith b. 2 Jan. 1791 d. 15 Dec. 1859 md. Jesse Lewis b. 1786 d. Mar. 1867

                        Catherine Smith md. William Harden. To Tuscaloosa, Ala.

                        Aney (Amy) Smith md. James McCully. To Tuscaloosa, Ala.

                        Lettice (Lydia) Smith md. John Dickson. To Autauga Co., Ala.

                        Artimissa Smith b. ca. 1820 d. Dec. 1878 md. James Abernathy. To Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

                        David W. Smith. To Ala.

                        Jesse K. Smith

                        William B. Smith. To Autauga Co., Ala.

                        John Athanot (Jonathan N.) Smith md. Serena Kay.

                        Daniel M. Smith d. in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

William Bryan (Marquis of Thomond) md. Lady Alice Needham. He represented Pasquotank Co., N.C. in 1739. Tradition that he was a member of the Catholic Church and she of the Protestant...their families opposed to their marriage. Married 1689 and came to America shortly thereafter. Children:

            Needham Bryan b. Nansemond Co., Va. md. Ann Rambeau in Va. 4 Nov. 1711. Moved to N.C.:

                        Rachel Bryan b. Bertie Co., N.C. md. 6 Nov. 1741 William Whitfield b. Va. or N.C. 20 May 1715 d. 31 Mar. 1795:

                                    William Whitfield

                                    Elizabeth Whitfield md. ca. 1762 (1) Alexander Smith b. 1735/42, son of John. Md. then Farquhard Campbell, widower of Isabella McAllister:

                                                5 Smith children: Elizabeth Smith md. Kedar Bryan, Nancy Smith md. William Whitfield

                                                9 Campbell children

                                    Bryan Whitfield

                                    Sarah Whitfield

                                    Charity Whitfield md. David Smith b. 27 Sep. 1746, Johnston Co., N.C. d. 10 March 1793 (son of Samuel)

                                                Needham Smith md. Sarah Rogers

                                    Needham Whitfield

                                    Rachel Whitfield

                                    Mary Whitfield

                                    Lewis Whitfield

                        Needham Bryan, Jr. b. Bertie Co., N.C. md. Nancy Smith

                        William Bryan b. Bertie Co., N.C. md. Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Whitfield md. John Smith:

            Nancy Smith md. Needham Bryan (see above)

            Elizabeth Smith md. William Bryan (see above)

Source: Little Acorns from the Mighty Oak

From the files of Theresa M. Hicks, Professional Genealogist

I recently discovered your Smith family material at and wanted to call
your attention to an error.

> N. Sanford Vandiver Smith b. 1806 md. Miriam Dean McGregor.
> Moved to Ala. then to Texas.

Sanford Vandiver Smith was my second-great-grandfather and the youngest  of 6 children of Nimrod Smith and Lettice Nicoll Wyatt.

He was born in South Carolina on 05 Oct 1813 and died in Talladega, Talladega Co., Ala., on 07 Feb 1885. He never left Alabama for Texas, although some of his children did.

On 15 Aug 1836, in Abbeville Co., S.C., he married Miriam Dean McGregor, daughter of William McGregor and Miriam Dean. She was born in Abbeville Co. on 03 Jan 1812 and died in Talladega, Talladega Co., Ala., on 15 Jan 1892.

They had eight children, and there are many descendants, including me.

I inherited family papers including newspaper obituaries and notes from grandson Nathan Howard Phillips dated Sept. 9, 1918, stating:

                 I was present at the death of Sanford Vandiver Smith, my grandfather, at his  home at Talladega, Ala., Feb. 7,                         1885.  Also at the death of my grandmother  Miriam McGregor Smith at the same place Jan. 15, 1892. They are                     both buried at the Lewis graveyard four miles out of Talladega and the graves appropriately marked.

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